Announcements and new and updated features in Tanzu Observability by Wavefront.

This page lists new and updated features for the Tanzu Observability by Wavefront service.

2022-24.x Release Notes

This release includes:

  • Accessibility Fixes: We’ve made significant keyboard navigation improvements to many UI pages.
  • Tanzu Application Service to Tanzu Observability: We released the Tanzu Application Service to Tanzu Observability integration on June 13.
  • Wavefront Proxy: Proxy version 11.3 is now available.

2022-22.x Release Notes

This release of the Wavefront service includes the following improvements:

  • Accessibility improvements (keyboard access, color contrast, etc.) on integration pages.

In addition:

  • Integrations: The June 2022 integrations release was made available! It includes significant improvements to the Snowflake and Jenkins integrations, and more. See the Integration Release Notes for details.
  • Videos: We migrated all videos to VMware TV and created playlists for easy access.

Past Release Notes