New and updated features.

These release notes give an overview of the changes for the 2022-01.x to 2022-06.x releases of the VMware Aria Operations for Applications (previously known as Tanzu Observability by Wavefront) service.

2022-06.x Release Notes

  • Updated the Wavefront REST API Documentation UI: We’ve updated our in-product interactive API documentation to use the latest Swagger API console. To access the API documentation, either click the gear icon and select API Documentation, or go to https://<your_cluster_name>/api-docs/ui/.
  • New Alerts FAQ Page: Check out the new Alerts FAQ page that answers questions like “Why Did My Alert Misfire?” or “When Does an Alert Resolve?”.

2022-05.x Release Notes

  • Create and Manage Alerts Revamp: Streamlined experience that improves usability and gives alert creators more options.
    • Straightforward settings during creation and edit.
    • New Runbooks and Triage Dashboard fields help alert recipients resolve the alert.
    • Alert notifications include actionable insights.

    Watch the Create Alert Video or look at the new Create Alert Tutorial.

  • Turn off Dynamic Dashboard Variable Live Refresh: Users with Dashboard permissions can now toggle whether a dashboard that shows live data performs refresh of dynamic variables.

  • Decimal Precision in Charts: We have included the Decimal Precision setting, and you can specify how many digits to show after the decimal point for a number of charts, such as:
    • Line Plot
    • Point Plot
    • Stacked Area
    • Stacked Column
    • Table

    See the Chart Reference for details.

2022-04.x Release Notes

  • Obsolete Metrics Toggle for Dashboards: You can now include obsolete metrics in all charts within a dashboard. Doing so, obsolete metrics are included for all the charts in the dashboard.

2022-03.x Release Notes

We have added a new API Tokens permission for user accounts. This change does not affect service accounts.

To enable users to generate API tokens:
  1. Log in to Wavefront as a user with Accounts permission.
  2. Click the gear icon and select Accounts
  3. On the User Accounts tab, select one or more users.
  4. Click +Permission and select API Tokens.
API Tokens permission.

2022-01.x Release Notes

Query Editor Insights for Queries and Charts: Chart stats and query stats.
Integration Improvements: You can now easily filter the integrations by state. See Supported States. List of integrations filtered by active state.