New and updated features.

These release notes give an overview of the changes for the 2022-22.x to 2022-29.x releases of the VMware Aria Operations for Applications (previously known as Tanzu Observability by Wavefront) service.

2022-29.x Release Notes

  • Tracing Improvements: If your application or service names have special characters, the Wavefront service now replaces each special character with a hyphen (“-“). A character that isn’t in the following list is considered a special character: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, hyphen (“-“), underscore (“_”), dot (“.”), forward slash (“/”) and comma (“,”).

  • Accessibility and Keyboard Navigation Improvements: We made keyboard navigation improvements to the Create Alert page and the Maintenance Window page.

  • Query Stats and Suggestions for Alerts: You can now examine statistics and explore suggestions for alert queries by clicking on the lightbulb icon. See Use Statistics and Suggestions.

alert edit, lightbulb icon to right of query selected

2022-26.x Release Notes

  • Accessibility and Keyboard Navigation Improvements: We have made accessibility and keyboard navigation improvements. For example, you can now temporarily disable the chart legend, highlight the metrics in a chart, or apply the time window settings from one chart in a dashboard to all the charts in the dashboard. For information see Keyboard Shortcuts and Their Usage.

2022-25.x Release Notes

This release includes:

  • Usage Portal Improvements: We made the following improvements to the ingestion policies and overall usage monitoring:
    New Ingestion Policy Alerts:

    When you set an ingestion policy with a PPS limit, you must also configure an alert associated with that PPS limit.

    The Conditions stepper in the Create Ingestion Policy wizard.
    Updated the Ingestion Policy Dashboard:

    • The Usage Limit chart is now a progress bar.
    • If you set a PPS limit, the dashboard also includes an Alerts section with details about the associated alert.

    The ingestion policy dashboard.
    Updated the Ingestion Policies Page:

    Added the following details to the ingestion policies table:

    1. The State in terms of PPS limit - exceeded or not reached
    2. A Usage per Billing Month progress bar or usage number
    3. A Usage Trend line chart
    4. An Action in terms of alert association

    The ingestion policy table.
    Updated the Usage Summary Dashboard:

    The Average Usage for the Last Quarter chart is also now a progress bar.

    The Overview section of the Usage Summary dashboard.
  • Time Window Settings of Charts: You can now specify the time window setting on a chart level. When you do this, even if you change the time window settings of the dashboard in which the chart is included, the time window settings of the chart will not be affected. For more information, see Set the Time Window on a Chart.

  • Override the No Data Message on Charts: You can override the No Data message on charts when there is no data in the current time window and there’s no error in your query. You can also select to display a link to the Troubleshooting Missing Data documentation page. For details, see Override the No Data Message on a Chart.

  • Integrations: Another update of the integrations in June 2022. We made significant improvements to the Tanzu Application Service, vSphere, Consul, and Google Cloud Platform integrations. See the Integration Release Notes for details.

  • Documentation Improvements: We have recently added new information and improved a list of docs, such as:

2022-24.x Release Notes

This release includes:

  • Accessibility Fixes: We’ve made significant keyboard navigation improvements to many UI pages.
  • Tanzu Application Service to Tanzu Observability: We released the Tanzu Application Service to Tanzu Observability integration on June 13.
  • Wavefront Proxy: Proxy version 11.3 is now available.

2022-22.x Release Notes

This release of the Wavefront service includes the following improvements:

  • Accessibility improvements (keyboard access, color contrast, etc.) on integration pages.

In addition:

  • Integrations: The June 2022 integrations release was made available! It includes significant improvements to the Snowflake and Jenkins integrations, and more. See the Integration Release Notes for details.
  • Videos: We migrated all videos to VMware TV and created playlists for easy access.