Learn about the VMware Workspace ONE Access Integration.

This page provides an overview of what you can do with the VMware Workspace ONE Access integration. The documentation pages only for a limited number of integrations contain the setup steps and instructions. If you do not see the setup steps here, navigate to the Operations for Applications GUI. The detailed instructions for setting up and configuring all integrations, including the VMware Workspace ONE Access integration are on the Setup tab of the integration.

  1. Log in to your Operations for Applications instance.
  2. Click Integrations on the toolbar, search for and click the VMware Workspace ONE Access tile.
  3. Click the Setup tab and you will see the most recent and up-to-date instructions.

VMware Workspace ONE Access

VMware Workspace ONE Access delivers multifactor authentication (MFA), conditional access and single sign-on (SSO). By acting as a broker to other identity stores and providers, Workspace ONE Access enables organizations to deliver secure and consistent enterprise-wide access to applications and data.

After you’ve completed the Tanzu Observability integration for Workspace ONE Access setup, all users in your enterprise that can authenticate to Workspace ONE Access can also log in to your Tanzu Observability instance. What those users can do depends on their permission. All users are in the Everyone group and have, at a minimum, view permissions for dashboards and alerts. Additional permissions depend on the Permissions setup in your Tanzu Observability instance. See Roles, Groups, and Permissions.